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Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley Special Edition

Special pre-sale price: $199. EXTENDED TIL APRIL 12TH

Special edition price goes up to $299. on April 6 April 12, 2019.

Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley by Carol Es Special Edition. These beautiful specimens are limited to 29 copies. There are 26 lettered copies, an Artist's proof (signed), a Bon á tirer (unsigned), and a Hors de Commerce (unsigned). There is one "mystery copy" that is one of a kind. Only the 26 lettered copies are available for sale.

Printed on 60# Accent warm white paper and hardbound in starched linen, and the title stamped with red foil on the spine, the book also comes with a dust jacket. Every copy includes an original colored pencil drawing on the first page, a totally unique 5 x 8 inch watercolor and ink painting on #140 watercolor paper, and a cassette mix tape of 1970s and 1980s music. All books are lettered and signed by Carol Es.